How to become a Pro Blogger in 2014

become Pro Blogger
Pro Bloggers have ton of advices and have experience of years. They teach the new bloggers and help them with their kind valuable articles. But can you pick up some things with new strugglers bloggers like me. Its natural we attract to those who are on the top and successful but I think strugglers can also help s. So today I share my experience to my friends. Who are like me and in way of Pro Blogger?

Blogging in Past and Future

Like I write above Pro Bloggers have experience and he work since 7 to 8 years. I read a article of a Pro Blogger his article on Google panda update but I fetch from his article these lines “ I read article which have 40 to 50 words. Now imagine writing an article (I think not article a note) of this length is not a big task for you also. Pro Bloggers start their career in golden days. Now in 2014 you must write a article which have 700 plus words and have value. So think how blogging is now changed. Focus on your content length and topic also.

Refine your writing skills to become Pro Blogger

After my blogging experience. They key of become a Pro Blogger is refine your writing skills. In above lines I mention that now a days Pro Blogger writes only 40 to 50 words article. The start from this length and after times they have maturity and value in their articles. In 2014 newbies not successful if they not refine their writing skills and their writing style. I am also trying to take my writing skills to the next level.

Bloggers have Knowledge

Only sharing your experience which you gain in your struggling time in not enough. Reading is must to create something. By reading articles on your same niche give you new ideas and up to date your niche knowledge. Before writing on a specific topic must read 2 to 3 articles on same topic.

Join communities and forums

By joining the communities and forums you can get the quick solution of your problems. Join the communities on your specific niche and forums related to blogging. Mostly problems are same so tell your problem you can get best solution.
Touch other resources also in 2014
Blogging trends and working conditions are changing very rapidly. Which is in 2013 is vanished in 2014. People needs and modes changed. Only content writing is not enough now. You can also see videos on Pro Bloggers blogs. Watching a video instead reading a long article is now gaining importance. “Humans can learn mostly by listing”. So touch other things also.

Make your Blog Different

Huge blogs are come with same theme design and same style. What is new for your readers nothing. Not copy the themes and writing style of Pro Bloggers. I recently see a blog excuse me I not sharing blog link. I totally stunned that how fast he growing his audience.
What different I find on his blog.
·         Having a nice style of writing
·         Giving the new ways to readers
The niche of blog is same like my blog. He looking like a internet marketer who try to selling something. I really impressed with him and his profile picture (Dirking win with a bottle).

Define your goal to become Pro Blogger

By defining your goal it’s become easy to work because you know your goal and have idea how much work its need. By dividing your work in short goals is key to work in a line. I give you my example. I have goal to generate six figure income by blogging so my big goal is six figure income from blogging and to reach it my small goal are below.
1.       Refine my writing skills and style
2.       Write 100 post in 10 weeks which have length of 700 plus words and have value
3.       After this start guest posting for backlinks
4.       Get 01 page rank in four months
Ok I share my goals with you;). So make your strategy work hard on it.

Use Social media for traffic

Start blogging in 2014 is not a piece of cake. Traffic is necessary for a blog and for blogger. Blogger become happy and get courage of work when he seeing visitors on his blog. On starting traffic is too low on blog. Before you getting traffic form google get traffic from social media. There is many sites. I see a good site for easy social posting By joining this site you can share your post on 35 plus social media sites with a single click.  


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