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Hi friends
I am typing a blog post in MS Word last night. Suddenly I understand that many people are not known how to format better a document blog post in MS Word and how to print it perfectly and also some necessary tips for using MS Word. So I write for those who are not much familiar with MS Word formats and printing methods in MS Word 2007
Let’s start
When you start a new document in MS Word the first step is
· Page Size
Click on Page Layout tab and select Page size in Page Setup menu which you want. I select A4 because this is standard size and mostly used.
Second step is
· Margins
Click again on Page Layout tab in Page Set up menu select Margins. This depends on your document length and type. If you typing some type of notes or a book of great length. Set margins on its maximum and if you’re typing some short liens and a short paragraph leave margins on its default.
Now your page setting is completed and you are ready for typing your document.
Third step is
· Font size and Font Style
Font size depends on your document type and your choice. But the standard font size is 12 and standard font style is Times New Roman.
Fourth step is
· Justify
After completing your document select your document and click on Home tab in Paragraph menu select justify option. This option justifies your document text and your document looking great.
Fifth step is
· Print
Take a look of your document. If you want a hard copy of it click on Office Button or click the drop down arrow on Quick Access Tool bar and add print preview button in Quick Access Tool bar for print preview. If you satisfied with print preview click on print button. If you want print whole document select All in Page range option and If you want print a specified page go on specified page then click print and select current page in Page range option and click OK. Document will be printed.
This is the simple and easy if you not much closely with MS Word. I think this is help for you
Thanks :)


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