21 Ways to Make Money with your Blog

If your blog is received good traffic and you have a wide global audience. Your blog can generate a handsome income for you. There is several ways to make money with your blog. These are only some you can explore a lot of more opportunities. 
Your blog can give you more.

make money with blog
21 Ways to Make Money With Your Blog

1. AdSense is the most famous and easy source of making money with your blog. AdSense ads are provided by Google. These ads are easily customized. We can set them according to our blog theme colours.

2.Chitika  is also like AdSense. AdSense have strict rule. If you not succeed to get AdSense id. Use this ad service.

3.Write review on different product. Choose products those are related to your topic. Many a websites give these service. Select those you are affiliated with like Click Bank

4.Use Amazon Affiliate link and display products related to your niche.

5.Create a useful, helpful EBook and sell it on your blog. This is site help you e junkie

6.Write a EBook on your niche topic and give it free to your readers after subscription. Ad affiliate link in book.

7.With this free EBook you can build your Email list. If have a huge email list. Then sell solo ads. Solo ads are an email on a product which you send to your readers. There is many sites where you can get buyers.

8.Sell Ads in RSS feed footer

9.Ad AdSense Ads in RSS feed

10.Start services on your blog. Like WordPress blog setup, Blog consultancy, ghost writing etc.

11.Ad affiliate link of domain registration like

12.Write reviews on products your readers would be interested in.

13.Register to daily motion and create videos on your topic share it on your blog and social media. Make money with these videos.

14.Publish your own kindle book

15.Create a physical product and sell it. is best for this. Check out this site.

16.If you are doing great job and helping the community with your blog add “donate” button on your blog.

17.“Tip Jar” add this on your site. If your readers like your post they give you tip. :O)

18.Give access to your most hot and quality content only for paid members.

19.Make a forum on your topic and charged for joining the forum.

20.Sell ads directly on your blog.

21.Give advice to bingers and check their work charge some dollars for that.

If you are not a blog owner. You can make money with fiverr where you can give your services in minimum 5$. Create logos, stickers or sing a birthday song for some one. You can also become an affiliate marketer if you not have a website. Make a review video on a product and share it on YouTube. There is many a site which provide this service. Become partner with YouTube make a good video mostly funny videos get more views. Make money with YouTube. Mechnanical Turk is also a making money site you can make some bucks from there by doing some short task


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