On Page SEO and Off Page SEO of Blog


SEO is the second main part of a blog after content. Both can give power to a blog. Without on page SEO and off page SEO you cannot find a reader for your work. It is not a difficult job like we hear about it. Many bloggers doing there blog SEO by their self and get listed on google first page. SEO is also a big business. People earning tons of dollars with provide SEO services. Its future is bright. Some experts say that SEO business never effect when other business facing crisis. The recession period.

On Page SEO

In On Page SEO we work on over blog or website. All the things are involved on site structure, content, tags etc. All things are in your hand. On Page SEO tell the search engine that this blog have these type of information. The detail of On Page SEO is given below.

Keywords in Blog URL

By making a blog or website. This is important to add 4 to 5 keywords in URL according to search engine optimization. But it is not looking cool because the URL become long and difficult to remember. You can need to strike balance between URL and blog usability. Two are three keywords are enough? Many a domain names which have 2 or 3 words already occupied. Use some domain name suggestion tools.

Keywords in Blog Title

Blog or website title is a prominent place. Put your keywords here. Mostly URL and blog tile is same. It can be a title tag. Search Engines show the title in search. Without a title tag think how a site looks.

Keywords in Meta Description & Meta Keywords

These tags are for people not for google. A blog Meta description is showing in google search result. So it help a searcher that what is in this blog. Make sure to write a catchy and attractive Meta description. Not write a long description only write under 155 words because google only allowed this length.

In Bing and Yahoo search engine these both met tags are still important. For optimizing a site in Bing and Yahoo you can get advantage by these tags. These tags never hearts a site so not leave them empty.


This tag is use in photos. When a photo never display the words in alt tag display instead of photo. This is also important to optimize the photos in your blog. Fill the alt tag with your keywords.

Keywords in Blog Post Title

Write attractive different post title. This is the first thing that display prominently in search engine. Instead write a post tile like this “Lipstick and there colors “write “Best Lipstick and there colors”. Put your keyword in post title.

Keywords in Blog Post Headings

H1, H2, H3 are tags. These tags are not more than the font size.  Inserting key words in these tags is best to optimize your post. Google can rank a blog pages individually. A paragraph post in not good optimize in search engine try to write a line post.

Keywords in Blog Post Body

Ad keywords in post body. In the first or second line and end of the paragraph. If you bold or italic your keywords it is also a good practice to optimize your article.

Keywords Density

Many SEO expert agree that in a article the keyword density is not more than 4 percent. Keyword density is the percentage of your keywords in post. Try to not increase this ratio.

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is not based on your website. In Off Page SEO you can make reputation of your blog in the eyes of search engines. This is hard part of SEO. Some basic ways are given for Off Page search engine optimization.

What is a Backlink?

Backlink is your website main URL or your any post URL on another website. Pointing out towards your website. Off Page SEO is mainly based on getting backlinks. Some decent way to making backlinks are below.

Social Media Presence

Make social profiles with complete details. Social Websites give permission to add your site in profile corner. Share your content on these social sites. Search engine index these site. Your blog presence on social sites is good.

Submit Blog to Web Directories

Submit your blog to websites directories. Choose those directories which have high Google Page Rank. Search Engine index these directories. When search reboots find your blog link there it can enhance your visibility on search engine.

Guest Posting with Anchor Text

Give your article to other bloggers. They publish your article with your website link but make sure to make backlinks in form of anchor text and your anchor text based on your main keyword.

Articles Submitting Sites

Write a good, long and keyword reach article and submit it on an article submitting site. They can allow you to put your link in resource box. Choose do fallow submitting sites. You can get high page rank by making backlinks but not get too much backlinks too fast. Make them in natural way.


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