Delete/deactivate Facebook account is very easy. Fb is a social website. We share over pics, videos and update over status. People use it widely but some time you want to delete/deactivate your Facebook profile because of some reasons. So it is very easy like one, two, three.

These are some steps for deleting FB account.

1. Click on this icon which is read circled in this image

deactivate fb profile

2. Now click on settings . See the image Below 

how to deactivate fb profile

3. At the end you see in blue colour Deactivate your account.


4. Click on it. You can see they can ask you. Why are you deactivate your account. Select any reason an click on confirm. After you confirm they demand your password. Enter your password and click on deactistee now button.

5. huhu You can successful deactivaddddte. If you want to use your fb again. You login with the same id beacuse its not permanent deactivation. 


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