What Knowledge/Skills are Need as a Blogger?

knowledge need blogger
Creating content is not enough for a blogger. The way of blogging is changed very fast.  Many tools are involved in blogging now. WordPress made easy a blogger work but there are some essential skills and knowledge you knows. In your online career you must up to date your knowledge and make yourself best. Here I will share with your some basic which you must know.

Knowledge of Your Niche

Write on those topic which appeal you to write and you have a lot of knowledge on it. Niche is your topic on which you start your blog. Choosing profitable niche with little knowledge is not a good choice. Choose your hobby as your blogging topic.

Knowledge of Web Development

The basic knowledge of web development like html and CSS are mandatory. Because it helps you to understand the basic structure of a website or blog and help you in integration of your blog. The knowledge of SEO also demands learning of html. The time of learning of these two languages are maximum is three months. This is not a long time but it helps you a lot in future.

Knowledge of SEO

Google updates like panda and penguin. Effects many a websites. These updates block and penalize sites with have substandard content probably short posts. SEO techniques changed after a year. The basic knowledge and skills are important for bloggers like keywords selection, Keyword density, backlinks etc. Here I will share some detail of google keyword planner tool.

Knowledge of Adobe Photo Shop and Video Editing Tools

This is also important as a bloggers. Photoshop helps bloggers in creating images and editing images as their desire. It’s also helps in customization of blog. Video recording and editing tools are also important. Now blogs have not only content but also videos so you can have these skills too. Video Editing, Screen Recording etc.

Knowledge of Social Media and Promotion

No one can denied the importance of social media and its power. Your blog on social media enhance your audience and its credibility. Without promotion your blog cannot get loyal readers. Promoting a blog via social media is a very smart way of promoting. Be expert yourself in this. FB and TWITTER are the two main and most widely used social media networks us them for your blog promotion. Also enhance your expertise in social bookmarking websites.

Huge Dot Com Classified Websites List

.com classified websites
Huge .com classified websites list
A best huge dot com classified website list to increase your business. These site are specified for submitting ads and promotion of websites and blog. This huge list more than 300 dot com classified websites for building links and promotional purpose. It helps a lot in SEO. Open them one by one or if you using a software for submitting your site add this huge list in the software and enjoy your work.