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Bloggers can write and sell fast
Writing an EBook is very serious matter for bloggers who make a living with their blogs. It is a matter of their image. EBook can complete a blog. EBook is very important for bloggers. You realize or get some idea form my post Why an EBook essential for bloggers (01). Many a Pro Bloggers can writes EBooks and sell them are given it free. They are in profit in both ways. When you have ideas to tell or want to share some thing with readers are some knowledge which you not share in articles you can write and EBook. For helping out the bloggers in writing an EBook I have some ideas.

Research First

The first thing to do is research I mean search keywords of your EBook have your specific keywords are have good traffic and you can get reader for your EBook. In this way you can get idea that how much copies are possible sell.

Write an Impressive Title

Give and Impressive title this is first thing which a buyer see first. Write a complete Title which can understand the buyer what is in it.

EBook Marketing Plan

Selling an EBook is own blog is easy but selling it on other places is need a marketing plan that how you market your EBook. Proper marketing makes sales.

Write Tip EBook or Step by Step Guide

You can write tip EBook. In this you share different tips on a special topic. This easy and very catchy to readers. Instead write a long EBook write a tip book like 50 ways to promote a product online, 30 things that can make a blog better.

Other way is write a step by step guide this also a very simple. Write a guide on setting up a blog or starting an online business step by step. You can also write a quotation EBook are an EBook which have interview of bloggers. If you have in memory the questions which your readers ask you and you can answer them. So this is another way to write Question Answer book. This is good way to present yourself as expert.

Convert Series Posts in to EBook

Convert your series post in to EBook. Some blogs have a section where they have series of post on their niche specific topic. They add new post in this series after any new development in this way. If you have many articles in series post. Publish them in to EBook form. Add something extra also for your loyal readers so they found some new in this.

Add your Old Post

Old Post which your write in your early days of blogging and very few people read them. Thy can help you in writing your EBook. Make some changes in them I mean update them and add them in EBook. It gives benefit in two ways your EBook get content and your old articles also come on the surface. Make it possible select those post which are linked to each other in some ways and in order.

Read Others EBooks

Check out others bloggers EBooks on your same topic. What they are generating and providing to their readers. Read there EBooks and get idea. Write EBook totally different to them are write same in your own words and put also your own experience. Also check the length of the EBook. How much detail they are provide in their free and paid EBooks.

Visit Affiliate Sites

Visit affiliate sites search your niche and check the highest selling EBook topic. You will understand what is popular in people and people buy it. Avoid crapping and provide some thing that can turn in to authority in your niche. People love to buy if they found exactly what they are founding.



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