How to make backlinks for a new BLOG

backlinks for new blog
Making backlinks for a blog or site is too important. It is a matter of life or death for a blog. All the SEO of a site is depends on link building. Blog can rank higher in search engine when it’s have a lot relative and quality backlinks. Making backlinks is not an easy job. It take time. Using shortcuts and making backlinks with the help of backlinks generated websites hearts your blog. One page SEO is easy job all the things all in your control but building bakclinks is a different case. Every web master known the importance of this.  The some techniques of making backlinks are given below.

Article submissions sits.

For link building submitting article to articles website is a very good idea. By submitting quality content you can build backlinks and also readership for your site. Write and submit articles to high PR websites. Like These websites also give the permisson of republishing a article. If some one wants to republish your article on his site he also publish a resource box with it. Which have your name and your website URL. So you can make backlinks from his site too.

Guest Posting

The famous way of making links now a days is guest posting. Guest Posting is a give and take policy. You can give them a valuable article and in reward you can get a quality do fallow back links. For guest posting join the guest posting sites and forums. To reach the bloggers and make community. Make sure to make your backlink in anchor text form with your pushing keywords.


Commenting is now old trend of making back links. But if you comfortable with it you can comment on your relative niche blogs and get back links. 

See how others make backlinks

My most favourite way to building links is check the blog of my same niche that how they can build back links for their sites. This is possible with yahoo site explorer but after closing this service you can choose other services for this.

Forums and Press Releases 

Google index forums. Building backlinks on popular forums. Make your self active on forums answering the questions give you also readership. Backlinks in shape of anchor text is pretty good. If forums give this permissions. Press Releases is also is good way of getting backllinks. A good and well shaped press release give you also visitors. Many a sites give this service.

Listed in Directories

Buy submitting your site in web directories give you quality backlinks. Like Before submitting your site in a directories check if directories have good Google page rank. Avoid the directories which demand a repicol link. Make backlinks in a natural way. Directories take time to listed your site so patience.

Not build backlinks from suspicious sites and those sites which are not trusted. If you link your blog to these types of site it really damage your SEO efforts. It is a time consuming work make backlinks in natural ways. Not join are free and buy backlinks program. The cannot make your site they can destroy your site. So keep it in mind and choose best. 


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