Top 6 Blogs on Blogging My Most Favourite

I will share with you today most best blogs who have great information on blogging. I really impressed by their knowledge and work. I try to share their statics wisely to encourage the newbies to get inspiration from them and learn from their work.  You can get best for your sites from there articles.

Pro Blogger

This blog is own by Darren Rowse with a page rank of 6. He start his online career in 2002. Now he is a full time blogger. His hobby is now turn in to a small business. Where he have some employees also. His EBook “31 days to build a better blog” is very famous among the bloggers. His Facebook fans are above sixty thousands and 321000 subscribers. His earnings round about 40000$ to 70000$ dollars a month. He is from Australia.

top 6 blogs
Best Tips for blogger you find here

Michelle Shaeffer is another perfect blog for inspiration and building a better online presence. The mentor of this blog is a lady name Michelle Shaeffer. His experience on blog help perfectly to newbies. She start this job in his early age and writes 900 plus post on. His site page rank is 3 and her  Alexa ranking is under 100,000. She writes 42 post in a single day. This show this how she attached with her work. She is also a smart affiliate marketer. She is from USA.

most favourite blogs
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Shout Me loud

 Harsh Agrawal manage this blog. His online career starts in April 2009. He writes more than 1826 articles. He not afraid to share his income generated by his page rank 3 blog or other sources. This thing made him my favourite. According to his own statics he made 7000$ and mostly above every month. He is from India.

blog on blogging
shout me loud dot com

My Blogging Tricks

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai run this blog. He started his full time online career in 2008. He is a certified SEO consultant and a web developer. He introduce new bloggers by his seminars and trainings. His monthly income near 12000$ a month. His site page rank is 5 and he have 41,671 Facebook fans and 20062 subscribers. He is from Pakistan and his company is first registered company of professional bloggers in Pakistan.

most favourite blogs
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Blogging E How

Hassan Ahmad Awan the main person behind this blog. He is twenty two years old and running his successful blog. He have total 7000 subscriber. His report (How to make 1000$ in six months with blogging) is amazing. Dummies must read it. His blog page rank is 4. He start a new series Ask Hassam. People can ask him questions and he answer weekly. He made 2000$ a month and want to upgrade his expertise to net level. He is also from Pakistan.

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The lady behind this is Tanya. She is a mother and live with his wonderful husband. She has been working online since mid-2009. Her blog page rank is 3. You can meet other newbies  from his community and learn the basic on one plate form. You can ask him questions and also submit your guest post. She is earning decent income by ads and affiliate marketing.

top 6
Newbies love this plate form


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