Contact Me Form mostly shows in blogs and websites in different styles. This option is not activated in google BlogSpot blogs but now google activated this option. It’s very handy for new peoples who are not know much about coding.

Why display Contact Form in Blog

Contact Me Form give a way to readers to contact a blog owner directly. You can quickly respond your readers. Probably there is Facebook and tweeter buttons to like and follow but if someone like any advertiser like to contact you. This form is very good for this purpose. The message in this form come in to your email directly. These are steps to add this.

Step 1: Click on Layout Tab. Click the image below.

Step by Step

Step 2: Then click on ad a Gadget. You can add others necessary gadget buy this button which are available in blogger or some other source.

Choose This

Now a list of Gadget is appear the contact me form is not available in basic gadget it is more gadget click on it.

More Gadts

Step 3: Now here your gadget is available it is first in row and 30 in number click on it. It is added recently. By default the heading of this gadget is contact form change this replace these words by contact me this is more catchy and in trend. You can see new is mention on it. The fields which shows in contact form are below.

This is New Reform

Name: Who want to approach he typed his name here.

Email: He / She typed his/her email address.

Message: In this field he/she type his message.

*: You can see this star with every option its means this field is mandatory and in this form all fields are mandatory. Who one contact you must fill these are fields.

This is easy and fast happy blogging. 


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