7 Things That Can Be Destroy a Blog

Blog is like your personal dairy. That become your income stream when it establish well. A blog need visitors and the only way of getting visitors is Google search engine. You can satisfy Google as well as our readers. Keep in mind these 8 essential points to save your blog form destruction.
blog destruction

Thin Content

According to Google new Panda update. Google penalized the website and blog which have thing content. Its mean that they not accepted short length and low quality posts. Try to write a post with minimum seven hundred to one thousand words. Many a sites effects after this update. The received 40 percent less traffic. Ranking higher in Google generate long, good and quality content.

Inconsistency in Posting Articles

Article posting in rhythm give your readers and Google also that when your blog is updated. It you post one article a week Google reboots visit your site only one time in a week. If you update your site daily Google reboots come to your blog every day. Try to update your site daily basis to receive visitors daily from Google.

Not stick to the Topic

Write only on your topic. My blog is about blogging I provide tips that how dummies start a blog. If I start posting on dog food. It destroy my blog by lack of visitors because Google rank a site on his specific keywords. You can write on similar niches or those niches who were close enough. Like blogs, SEO and web development are necessary of start blogging. So I also cover them in my blog.

Article Spinning

Article spinning software's are spin an article change the words in article with synonyms. Search engine becoming smart day by day. This is now an old technique for generate another post. Avoid these methods and also copy and pasting. Read on or two articles first and get idea then write your post in your own words.

Not catch the Readers

Blog needs regular readers. Depending upon visitors on daily basis destroy your blog. You need unique visitors. For making unique visitors give your social profiles links. Share your articles on social media also. List building also important for creating unique visitors. Write an effective, valuable and free EBook on your topic. Install a pop up widget on your blog. People subscribe on your blog for getting EBook. So you can build your list and share your best articles with these peoples.

Too much Ads

Placing ads in a blog for earning is not bad but forcing the people to click on ads is a bad habit. You can do that when your place too many ads on your blog. Not place pop up ads in blog. Too much and wrong placement of ads destroy readership.

Ugly Themes

The first think that a visitor see on a site is its theme. Theme is indent of a blog. Cool and impressive theme attract the readers. Use a theme with clear text format that can be easily readable in screen. Ugly themes effect of getting ads from ww.buysellads(dot)com. Choose unique and impressive theme.

Too Many Links 

Not place too many outbound links on your blog. Google do not like this. If you place a link make sure the link is a no fallow link. Also in comments set your settings on no fallow. Because spammer can comment and give the link of their site. 

Paid Traffic

Getting visitors by paid traffic is a good if your site traffic is low but keep in mind these tactics become a reason to ban your website for Google adsense account. Google adsense demand only organic traffic.


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