choosing blogger
Choosing Blogger as your blogging Platform is very sense bale step. Blogger give a facilities to its users in many ways. After using this platform I come to know that this is best option for newbies bloggers.

Under Google Umbrella

Blogger is a property of google. Google have many applications this is one of this. By using on password of google you use many tools o which google provides. Everybody knows google is search engine and index website in google is important. Blogs on Blogger having no technical issues which obstacles a blog in indexing in google.

Easy Traffic

Oh, what you think about it. A blogger friend share with me his experience. He told me that he get easy and more traffic on his blogger blog rather than his other blogs which are running on other platforms. I personally feel that my blog is getting little traffic of starts and I don no SEO of my blog. New bloggers starts form here so they not get bored with no traffic.

Easy to use

Bloggers make very easy blogging. You can easily select themes for you blog which provided by bloggers and modify it according to you need. In its layout option you can add gadgets quickly. Starting a blog on it like one two three.

Additional SEO Settings

By updating blogger platform by Google. They add more SEO settings. Which help to easily index blog in search engine. It’s make it SEO friendly.

Easy to upgrade

Bloggers give you choice to use it free for buy you domain name. In free use your domain name caries .BlogSpot words also. You can easily change you domain free to you own when you thinks that you are becoming successful in you blogging career.

Cool Themes

When bloggers not his domains name for sold. Developers are not interested in and not makes themes for it. Now there is many a sites where you can choose free or buy perineum themes for you bloggers blog. And easily install additional plugins like sharing buttons.

Save from Hackers

Safety is the first thing of a website. A blog built his reputation with hard work and time. No one have right to down you site.This is the best which I feel in bloggers. Your site blog never be hacked like others. Because Google secure is database on very high security. No hacker are viruses hears your site. this the best part in blogger.


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