Why newbies fail in Blogging – Top Ten Reasons

newbies fail
Ok friends. Today in this article I point out some most common reasons of why newbies fail in blogging career. Everyone who come on the internet for blogging have whish to create and run a success full blog but he cannot make a single dollar from it.

Having No Plans No Goals

First thing which I think in failure of newbies is lack of planning. They come on the internet by hearing some of their friends or on internet. They only see the money in blogging. This is important to start your blog with a step by step. An example I start blog and I have in my mind that. Firstly I choose the topic on which I have good command, second I achieve the traffic goals and so on. Planning and making some short goals make you and your blog successful with a handsome income.

Only inspiring by other Blogger

In this time there is millions of blogs and every day hundreds of new blog also get into the race. It you only inspire by Pro Bloggers and only watching their work and income it could not be make anything for you. It’s good to fallow someone but also create your own work and share you own experience. Show the world that you have enough knowledge on your niche and have the capability to help the people.

Not Focus on Content

When I start blogging. I feel this problem with me. By reading a lot of material on SEO of a blog and the template designing. I am overloaded by these things. I give too much time on it and not focus on my real wealth content. Your blog totally depend on your material which you provide to your readers. It’s important to refine your writing skills day by day and sow your mature work to your readers. Content is the king I personally read it too much times but late to understand.

Having no touch with other bloggers

When you start writing on a specific niche. You should have decent relations with your same niche bloggers. It is so helpful for newbies. They help and give valuable advices. You can fallow them and get the new ideas and trends on your niche what is in and what is out of date.

Lack of knowledge on Web development

Blogging is a medium where someone share his experience on the internet. Internet demand knowledge of web development. It is very necessary for blogger to have some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Newbies mush know them. It hardly takes 6 weeks to learn them. The knowledge of web development help newbies a lot.

Give up too earlier

Prof Bloggers are making thousands of dollars with their blogs. The age of their blogs are 3 to 5 year old. They make their blogs in golden times. When the competition is not so tough. Their blogs come on the first page of google. This is reality. Now start a blog and run it when too much content pre available on net is difficult but giving up to early is not a blogger’s attitude. Newbies minimum need 8 months with their hard work to make a reputable blog. Work with flow and constant on your goals. I know many bloggers who make their blog successful in this time with their constant hard work. So take inspiration of these bloggers hard work.

No idea of Blogging Tools

Many a tools involve in blogging for help of bloggers. With the help of these tools people save a lot of time. Some tools I mention their like. “Keyword density tools” “Search Engine Submission tool” “Article writing pad” “Auto Email Responder” etc. Newbies not know them or they not use them proper. These tools are must and having value.

Lack of SEO Knowledge

Thinking too much on SEO is not cool. Without SEO a blog never survive but on a new blog involvement in SEO technologies is not a good step. It’s enough for a new blog to complete the basic SEO like keywords in URL, Meta tag, Meta description and article headings and body. They real SEO is link building it start when blog have 100 to 150 articles then your real SEO starts.

Choosing Profitable  niche with little Knowledge

Top 100 profitable niches of 2013, 2014. These types of lists are very common. Selecting a niche from this list because they are high paid but you have little knowledge on it give you only lose not profit. Running behind profit it’s not cool. Select a niche which is your work and you love it. So it’s easy for yourself to generate a lot of valuable content on it.

Not Fallow the Trends

Blogging trends are change time to time. If you writes on a topic which is on the internet past 2 or 3 years it absolutely give only loss to your blog. Search and know the trends and write on it. Which is on your specific niche. Take steps with trends and not isolated yourself.


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